Sashihara Rino admitted that she had a relationship with the man

  June 26, 2012

Sashihara Rino a former member of AKb48, who has transferred to HKT48 due to her past relationship with her fan got trapped in Live-Broadcasting Prank made by Naka-kun in today’s episode of Kayoukyoku. During the prank, when she was asked about her former boyfriend who leaked his past relationship with her to Shunkan Bunshun, she admitted that she was in relationship with the man.

AKB serves as hosts along with Nakai-kun and Esumi Makiko in the program. Today, they wanted to test if “Sashihara has really reflected on her misbehavior.” In the latter half of the show was a live-broadcasting which was dedicated to this purpose. Other AKB members also joined this prank.

Members were told “filming has not yet started” and asked to wait in the studio. Then they were called by a producer of the show, and Sashihara was brought to the room where Nakai was waiting for her. She was asked to explain what this scandal is all about. Nakai said, “What is this all about? Transfer? I haven’t had any explanation from you. So what happened?” Filled with tension, Sashihara tearfully answered, “The weekly magazine wrote the article about me…. But if I said to people “It’s not true.” it might come off sounding like an excuse…. “

As she broke the rule of AKB48, she told Mr. Akimoto Yasushi,  “I leave AKB48”. “I don’t need someone who don’t have tenacity to remain in the game of this business. So just leave.” Mr. Akimoto replied.

As she talked this story, tears were overflowing, running down her face.

Because Sashihara avoided to talk about any details on her relationship with her former boyfriend, Nakai, as if he was representing fans and general audience, said, “So you committed such a bad thing? You might have smoked cigarette?”, he pretended not to know the story to draw words from her mouth.

“I didn’t violate the law, but as a member of AKB, I did a thing to make fans worry….” she answered. “So this is what your former boyfriend testified, right?”, Nakai asked to confirm. “About 3 or 4 years ago, when I was just promoted to KKS…. He was a friend of my friend……” Sashihara finally answered.

Nakai further asked about the aftermath of the scandal report. “That guy…. he caused a trouble for you. So you haven’t kept in touch with him? Why didn’t you call him to say “What the hell are you doing?”” Sashihara stuttered, only could manage to say “No, I should put this behind one and move on…….”

So this is what we call “Preestablished harmony”, right??
She never gave clear answer only when she was asked the core issue of the scandal…

First of all, who would expect Sashiko confesses her true thought to Nakai!!! lol

I don’t think Sashihara, who has experienced tons of this kind of surprise fake, couldn’t notice it was fake.
She was trapped in the same prank last time, so I guess she could definitely figured it was fake. 

I think Nakai didn’t make his usual witty comebacks because he also wanted to avoid from being complained by Ota….. lol
They are having fun with this program lol They are having fun, watching how 2chan is flaming with furious Ota!! lol

Anyway, it seems that they don’t fully understand this kind of silly program further convince us that Sashihara is not reflecting on her misbehavior at all.

It’s puzzling that it looks TBS in some sense look they want to salm Sashihara, but in some sense they look they want to promote Sashihara……
The first half was crap, but the last half was as awful as the first half.

Wait, the first half of the show was actually interesting as it was like a normal music TV show lol

Anyway they are not thinking too much. What they care is whether they can attract more TV viewers not not.

I don’t mind if it’s a fake, because basically this is a variety TV show.
But, I want to say if they want to do a fake, then they must make it thoroughly.
If they make a fake in this cheesy way, nothing could be conveyed to audience., like… “What the point of the show???”

So this was an episode titled “Excuse from Sashihara” , right??

I don’t mind whether it was real or fake. Do you guys care about it????

Over all quality of the show is too poor…..
I thought this was a mid-night TV show…

They of course let her know that it was a live broadcasting since they had to avoid her having made a bombshell statement if by any chance.
I think we can’t complain about this…. That’s the nature of the business.

Basically they are crap as they are trying to milk money out of Sashihara’s scandal as possible.
No way she can take time to really think upon her misconduct…..
I at least understand that the reason Sashihara has a bizarre smile was because she was trying not to make other casts concern about her…

One word for the show: Simply Awful!!

I think members except Sashihara didn’t know it was being aired.
When they revealed that they were actually live broadcasting, only Sashihara reacted “Again~~~~~???” with a subtle smile, while no other members had smile on their face.

I can’t understand those who are seriously reacting to this WWE style comedy….

TBS is a kind of company that often state “Shortly after this!!” “It won’t be long!!” when it actually takes over one hour lol

At least she could pick her nose in order to add more “reality” to this comedy lol

I was cracked up as that was as if she was talking to fans, not Nakai-kun!!!” She looked like talking to someone on the other side of the screen….”

Hahahahaha did you look that? Sashihara put a pin microphone on her costume even when/after she left the studio. Certainly this is a farce!! Just a cheesy comedy!!!

“She doesn’t look like talking to Nakai but someone on the other side of the screen….”

That’s it.
TBS is completely ridiculing TV viewers lol

It looks like it’s not live broadcasting lol Rather, it loos like they retook the scene like for three times lol
I think Sashihara is done. Nothing will recover her name.

Kobayashi Yoshinori (Mangaka, Yuko and Miorin Oshi) “I become Anti-Sashihara”

Kayoukyoku made a live broadcasting prank on AKB48 in order to milk out everything from Sashihara Rino’s scandal.

Maybe their last episode which just painted Sashiko as a heroine of tragedy was unpopular???

Today, in the live broadcasting, Nakai-kun of Smap was trying to draw the true thought from Sashiko.

But because Nakai-kun pretended that he doesn’t know any detail of the scandal, when he asked her the reason, Sashiko just gave a vague answer, “Because I caused tremendous worry….”

Her vague answer was reminiscent of Tokyo power company (TEPCO)’s vague and slow excuse in the wake of Fukushima nuclear disaster. (Tomorrow, Tepco will hold general assembly, I think? I’m a stock holder of Kansai power company, by the way)

Because she is a girl, she couldn’t dare to say “Because I broke AKB’s house rule “Love Prohibition when I was 15 y/o and KKS of AKB48″.”

Not to mention that she couldn’t dare to say she was leaked “Content of text messages” or “Sensual photos” she sent to him by her former boyfriend…

I bet she was telling a lie when she said “I don’t know contact information of him.”

When she was told Shunkan Bunshun will release the article, she surely called to him.

As you all know, when Shunkan Bunshun called the number left in her former boyfriend’s phone, Sashiko herself anwered. (which obviously indicates she answered after she saw his name on the cellphone screen, which further means she might have still kept in touch with him after she broke up with him.)

In this age, when everything is leaked online, in order to depict this kind of scandal in the most sensational way, “live-broadcasting” and “Prank” might be the best combination…

But I have a question. Is it alright that they make a show of this girl who wasn’t confident of her looks when she came to Tokyo, spent her days without enough determination as an idol, and as a member of AKB48…. and wanted to satisfy her curiosity by using her privilege as an idol….
So I have an unpleasant feeling about the fact that they make a show of this tiny misbehavior of this little girl.

For me, what those staffs of TV productions are doing is nothing different from the guy who sold out Sashiko’s “forbidden game” to Shukan Bunshun.

I don’t say Shunkan Bunshun is fundamentally wrong.

Magazine must have this kind of immoral aspect and foulness.

But whatever they write, now the wind blows fro Mr. Akimoto Yasushi.

Bunshun is fated to be incorporated into AKB’s, Mr. Akimoto’s strategy.

And of course, “Love Prohibition” rule will be surely strengthened further.

 I want to sympathize with Sashiko. But I decided not to.

Rather I think becoming her Anti and keep closely watching her will ultimately good for her.

I heard there’re almost zero fans who threw harsh words to her at handshake event. (The mood was something we couldn’t even think of giving her harsh word, I heard)

 I’m a bit surprised with the fact that many of AKB fans are such compassionate people.


I become Anti of Sashihara.

As an Anti, I am thinking that I must go to Hakata to overwatch Sashihara in order to protect pure and innocent members of HKT48.

When will Sashiko make a debut in HKT48~~~~~~!!!!!

It looks like basically Sashiko has no intention to change her behavior

LOL She is basically still a manwoman-eater…..

After all, Sassy is Sassy, it’s impossible to change people’s nature.

Aamin never shows discomfort when Sashiko comes to her to frolic on!!
She is truly  attached to Sashiko as her mom.

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