Murashige Anna aka “Center of Gui Gui Senbatsu” goes aggressive to Itano Tomomi!! [4topics]

  April 22, 2013

Perhaps MoeVine is more accurate for this, but yeah, I love this newly crafted word Moestagram anyway!

Nito Moeno, soon graduating AKB member ToT, uploaded touching video she filmed with members she met at handshake event.

Nito Moeno:

This is the video I filmed at yesterday’s handshake event♡

Members were so nice that they welcomed to join the shoot!

Please forgive me for my bloated face…. that’s because I couldn’t sleep enough last night…


Tanabe Miku: 

P…. Please….. shake hands with me…… (blush)

I love how Moeno makes everything so elegantly hip and stylish…. who doesn’t?

Her choice of sound totally reminds me of 90’s club scene of Shibuya…

I love the thumbnail, either. Just looking at this thumbnail make you feel so sweet, and when click the link. The video starts… Thank you for always adding beautiful colors to our life…. Moeno…