Murashige Anna aka “Center of Gui Gui Senbatsu” goes aggressive to Itano Tomomi!! [4topics]

  April 22, 2013

This lifetime honorary KKS is, without a single doubt, the thing. Yesterday, Kaotan shared the great video peace from the rehearsal of SKE48 Gaishi Concert Series.

Matsumura Kaori:

BBQ Matsumura Kaori’s “Kon’ya mo 1Komeda” (Let’s 1 komeda tonight).

This is making footage of SKE48 Nagoya Gaishi concert!!

I maybe put a little more focus on 3gen members than others? Please check it out!


Takada Shiori (Shiitan): Congrats Kaotan on your solo debut!

Yakata Miki (Mikity): I’m gonna buy your cd!!

Kaotan: What happned Ogichan~~

Ogiso (in teary eyes): Yukko made me cry~

Kinoshita Yukiko (Yukko): I didn’t, I didn’t. But come on… I’m also about to cry….

(skip: 4th generations are talking about nicknames of some pairs, like KinPi – Yamashita Yukari and Kaneko Shiori – which nobody knows yet LOL)

Then Kaotan and Gorisa are walking through the busy backstage, and finally reached to fellow 3rd generation members, Akarin, Yukko, Ogiso, Kasusu, Yuria, Mikity.

They form a pre-performance circle and shouted,

“3rd generation! Let’s rock it!!!”

Holding three fingers up, members are shouting “3rd generation~~~!!!” at Kaotan’s camcorder.

Before the performance of “Dear My Teacher” (performed by 3rd generation), Akarin said,

“Let’s make it an awesome show! Something that makes people who’ve been following 3rd gen since the beginning convinced that we’re become so much better!!!”

Yuria responded “You know, 3rd gen is the best!!”

Everyone “Oh yeah!!!”

Then….. Kaotan turned her camera to 4th gen standing nearby.

her voice tone suddenly got dull and she said “Well… 4th gen…. 4th gen 4th….”

And then, 4th generation member pointed to Kato Rumi and said “2nd gen…”, Kaotan: “Oh, 2gen…”, and her voice getting all the duller lol

Kaotan then continued to briefly film around 2gen members. Though she was doing the shoot of 2nd gen so languidly, when she spotted Mukaida Manatsu, she suddenly psyched up and scolded Abiru who is trying to interfere Kaotan to film sweet Manatsu.

Kaotan “Don’t deprive Manatsu-san of her Shaku!!”

And when Manatsu made double peace signs, Kaotan in a doting voice, “How cute she is…”

She then continued to film Saito Makiko who is doing the final check for the choreography of “End Roll”

And… finally…. the curtain was raised…