SKE48 members (Matsui Rena, Suda Akari and more) share some thoughts about (SKE’s 1st) Team Shuffle

  April 14, 2013

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1. Matsumura Kaori explains what’s behind the scenes of her new title “Hall of Fame KKS (or lifetime honorary KKS)”

2. SKE48 members reactions to the team shuffle

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In yesterday’s her G+ video series “1 Komeda”, Kaotan explained the reason behind why she wasn’t promoted but instead assigned to the new position called “Hall of Fame KKS (or lifetime honorary KKS)”

It’s over 10 minutes long video, but to sum up, she said “(This is suggested by Akimoto-sensei) I chose it myself.”

In the video, she said it was not easy to make this decision because her fans are expecting the normal formula, “KKS will get promoted if she is highly valued.”

In every handshake event, fans gave her encouraging words – “I’m looking forward to the day you get promoted!!” “I’m dreaming someday the day will come!!”

Every time I heard words like these, I was feeling the pain.

Only two days before the team shuffle, Shiba, SKE48 manager, informed her that Akimoto Yasushi is suggesting her to become “”Hall of Fame KKS”, and after talking a lot with management staffs, she decided to accept it on her own will. (Akip once said in NHK radio that remaining in KKS position gives Matsumura more edge.)

She wants to forge the career that is unique in it’s own way. She wants to challenge things that nobody ever done before. Thus, she doesn’t want to give up.

She even had a video filmed with manager Shiba, but she would rather want to upload it later, when everyone gets settled down.

She said the reason why she was crying was because young KKSs who got promoted this time told me in tears that they are gonna miss me so much….

That’s quick summary!!