“Tune is nice, but I can’t get what they want to trying to tell in the Drama portion!!”
I think that’s the most people’s impression after watched Manatsu no Sounds Good! Of course, as the director has become a fan of Milky through the filming session, there’re good points in the MV such as we can truly enjoy Milky’s bright smile and her dance which makes her smile all the more sweet, or 2 shot cuts of  Mayuyu and Acchan. But since the normal version of MV shows only the half of whole Drama and it’s combined with the dance portion which contrastingly has bright mood, the MV of Manatsu no SG has gotten a mixed review.

From two channel “What we thought about when we watched MV of Manatsu no Sounds Good!”

Churi was wastefully being too excited lol

So this is the last MV of Acchan as a member…

So “generation change” in AkiP’s mind is,
Acchan -> Watanabe

It’s too early for Milky.
She may be Ace after at least one year.

I can’t forgive them that they torn down the costumes of Everyday Cachucha….!!

I think members think the same as you….
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Why did the director describe “generation change” in such a cheap way…

But according to the director, there’s a deep meaning..
Director on twitter
I’m so sorry that I couldn’t convey our intention superficially through the MV….. I have to think upon how to convey the story…. Seriously…
(This is a reply to this comment: After I watched AKB’s MV, honestly I had a feeling that I want you to never be involved in AKB again. Who in the world want to see the scene where idols vomit bloods and fall down… It made me so sick…. And the costume of everyday Cachucha….. I can’t accept this as a fan….)

I’m sorry but I can’t help but laughing as I read the above exchange on twitter…

MV of Beginner also incorporated CG but it was not that grotesque…
This time, the depiction in the footage was really raw… besides it has nothing in common in the lyric…
“But if  you judge MV by whether it loyally reflects on lyric of the song, then Iiwake Maybe is also in the same category as this song’s MV has nothing to do with the lyric. It’s just a mood of the video that matches the song.

This song’s symbolic lyric is 「次のステップへ進みたいね (Tsugi no Step e Susumitaine / We want to go ahead for the next step)」.
The depiction of MV is all explained in this phrase.

Beginner’s scenes where members die are interesting watch since it’s really well-mad.
I was like “Oh no….!!!” and watched again and again.

But Manatsu no SG is…like….”Who died now?” <- I can't even recognize since too many members die at once.

I hope Director Takahashi (creator of Beginner’s MV) return to AKB’S creation.
Watch this PV, he is standing out from the rest.
He is amazing at put all the different cuts together into one video.
And I think close up of lip-sync scene of the MV was necessary.

Yeah since “Raw” was the theme of Beginner, I think the first MV should be the official one.

By the way Director Takahashi recently directed Nogizaka’s 2nd and Tomochin’s 2nd.

Mr. Takahashi equally includes all members in MV.

He also did story writing for Uekara Mariko.
AkiP always says he doesn’t request anything to directors of MVs. Though I don’t know to what degree I can buy his words.

But I think hierarchy for Uekara Mariko has already decided in Janken tournament…?

AkiP also said “I also leaves which members are featured in MV to a director.” in some TV program on NHK.
I think he was talking about Sakura no ki ni narou.

But it doesn’t make sense that the director could choose right members and Jurina….
I can’t help but thinking AkiP told something to the director.

But the reason why KitaRie had so many close up cuts in the MV is that it was the directors preference…. isn’t it?

The most awful thing recently was GIVE ME FIVE’S MV…. I understand it’s a good thing to hire various movie directors, but….

GM5’s MV is not MV but it’s a short Drama with GM5 as a theme song.
(GM5’s MV is over 30 minutes and consists mostly of Drama scene.)

And even this song doesn’t have message unlike Kaze ha Fuiteiru.

First of all, there’re too many members that we can’t even recognize faces of members except 超Senbatsu members, who have close up cuts.
Second, since their costumes/swim-suits are all white, visual-wise it’s boring.
The quality of choreography is not that good, especially the scene from the line,
「次のステップへ進みたいね(Tsugi no step he susumitaine)」to「恋のカリキュラム Koi no curriculum」doesn’t flow well at all.

I think this MV is all about appreciating Milky. lol

Yeah it’s so obvious they (the director) want to have close-up cuts of Milky.

I think things has become strange since Everyday Cachucha.
The image quality of Evikatsu’s MV is really cheap and the parody in the MV is a total fail, and transition from scene to scene is not smooth…
(Evikatsu contain parodies of AKB’s previous MVs including Ogoe Diamond)
 About Flying Get, it’s just a puzzle that they made it Chinese style, and the video is too long.

When it comes to Kaze ha Fuiteiru, it’s even worse. Everyone has strange hair style, Miichan in the center is kind of like hand-made style…. and they even exhale CO2…. it’s just laughable.

I have no idea what they want to do by letting members vomit bloods in MV of such a bright song!!

Okay I can feel you, so we’d better to expect what they’ll bring in Drama ver.?

First of all, it’s not a good idea that they make several versions of MVs for one song.
Since that means there’re scenes that they can cut off and replace with others.
MV must be one.

Dance ver. is rather simple and I think everyone is cute. But…. Drama portion is…. like it’s made just for the director’s self-content…
You couldn’t convey your intention?? No one want “intention” thing in the first place!!

Speaking of MVs directed by Movie directors, I think Sakura no Shiori is the best since it’s visual match the song very well.

The reason I’ve come to love AKB is that they take on challenges to make something that no other idols have ever done.
But even so, Manatsu no SG’s MV is aweful….
I thought Kaze ha Fuiteiru’s MV was also sick, but it was not like “I can’t even understand the story.”

I don’t understand the story well, but I live the scene they vomit up bloods.
Since first portion is really dark, it makes white swim suits in the second portion all the more bright and shiny~~~~!!!

But…. white clothes means death…. so everyone has already died in the “Heaven” part.

(*)That mysterious Drama portion is actually describing the real world.
You saw the scene where Acchan put her hands on Mayuyu’s eyes, and in the next cut, Jurina and Milky welcome Mayuyu to the white beach.
That is the “dream” that girls are embracing in their hearts.
And in the last scene, Mayuyu and Acchan finally reached the place where everyone is waiting.
But those members all dressed in white are also “dream”.
So they’ve reached their “dream” after they’ve overcome the cruel reality,
they died as they (Mayuyu and Acchan) were running with blindfold (in traffic accident or something?).
Only you can choose your own answer.

What is he talking about?? (’・ω・‘)

It made me more confused lol

MV of Junenzakura depicted “death” in the seemingly cheerful scenes.
But this MV is just too direct and can by no means stack up to Junenzakura’s elegant depiction.

(*) I actually agree with you. That’s why beach scenes and the last cut have more significant meaning.
But most of Ota don’t understand the way movie directors tell the story…
Show my Oshi-men more!!
More cute!!
Those consist of almost 80% of Ota’s request…

But this is MV of idol’s song, so I rather hope them to make MV in a way Ota want.

So while everyone has died, only Karen Iwata was left standing alone.
Is this a omage for Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami?
Karen is depicted as a tragic heroine??

MVs for Under Girls are made in low budget, but they have plenty of lip-sync scenes and everyone is cute.
I prefer UG’s MVs to MVs of title tracks.

I agree with you!

It’s not that I hate story-driven type of MV, for instance, I love Keibetsu and Junenzakura.

What we thought about when we watched MV of Manatsu no Sounds Good????
I thought this girl looks really cute!!

I understand this is their challenge to make something new to avoid from getting boring.
But as “summer song and swimsuits” songs, SKE and NMB’s songs this summer were by far better since they went with the established orthodox way.
I think hiring famous director almost always fails. The only exception may be Heavy Rotation and Beginner, I think.

MV of NMB’s coupling to their 4th single is similar to Ogoe Diamond, and it’s…. just awesome.

So after all then again we reached the conclusion that “Namida Surprise is da best ever!”, right?

So why they often go to Guam for the filming?

Because Guam has several advantages over other places.
It’s not so far from Japan
Travel cost is cheap
Beautiful ocean
Though it’s near from Japan and cheap, it’s still overseas so people may think it’s special.
And it’s easier to protect information compromise.

So why everyone knows the story of MV when even full MV hasn’t yet released…..???

Because there’re things called Chinese Websites like Youku, Tudou…….

Why there’re so many negative comments!?!?
(Skip: because his comment was too long)
Annin’s right index finger in the part which sings the line「君が近過ぎて~ (Kimi ga Chikasugite~ / Because you’re too close)」,
the scene where Mayuyu is welcomed by Milky and Jurina on the beach… these 2 scenes only can make this MV one of the best MV ever!!

It’s commonly said those who wrote long comments are basically crazy…

Anyway I can totally understand that you are Annin-Oshi.

My eyes were glued to Yuko’s Oppai!!

You know what? It’s nice to be honest!!

Anyway, as the director said on twitter, the real value of this MV can’t be judged before we watch the full-quality video comes with the single. So we gotta just wait til the CD will be delivered to our home!!

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