[TV Recap] HKT48′s First Namesake Show, HAKATA 百貨店 3rd episode Watanabe Mayu

  October 23, 2012

Because the baseball game went into extra innings, the show started from 3:25am…..

So sorry, I can't stay up anymore… Good night….

Are you guys up~~~!?

Those who stay up this late night for live commenting is the true Mayuyu Ota~~~!!!

※Because almost no one stay up late at night and few comments on 2ch, this episode didn't become news article on any 2ch akb fansites except AKB48WrapUp.

It finally started!!!!!

This suddenly woke me up!!!

?? This episode starts in different way from previous ones!!

LOL they removed that farce in the opening scene from Mayuyu's episode.

And Sashihara's costume has changed to Mondrian!

LOL Murashige is just as always…. I hope she will learn more versatile variety skill through this show.

My gaze was stolen…..

I love how Mayuyu always stays calm like this…

Two timing lol

Russia! You're so annoying! I love you!

It does sound she is making up a lie lol


Where is Chori???

Reminds me of Minegishi-san…. lol

LOL Actually Murashige had a shocked look before they started snapping at her….

She is a promising talent.

Will she draw Anago-san~~???

She draws Anago every time…. I want to see her draw Suneo….

When she is with these young girls, I can't help but feel she has become mature and sober…..

But I think she can draw Suneo better….

There's a girl who are insanely good at this kind of drawing in NMB48

Finally Seri~nu got a spotlight!!!

They will draw Oden-kun!??!

Actually Mayuyu's illustration is good!

Haruppi does look like Oden-kun…. They just needed to draw Oden-kun, right?

LOL Maestro Sakuratan will join the battle!!

Sakurata is too awesome….

Again Sakuratan (゚∀゚)⌒Y⌒(。A。)⌒Y⌒(゚∀゚)⌒Y⌒(。A。)⌒Y⌒(゚∀゚)━━!!

What is this… lol

It's very stylish. I think you can make a cool T-Shirt with her picture.

What is this eyebrow lol

I didn't know Haruppi is that cute! I cracked myself up lOl


  1. KudoShinichikun says:

    LOL i always look forward to Hakata Hyakkaten TV recap…
    feels like TV recap is the best way to enjoy this show LOL

  2. anonx says:

    Thanks for the translation. Man, this episode was hilarious. I love how they fangirl-ed over Mayuyu and the part where the shoe flew off and hit Madoka was epic.

  3. kamo says:

    Thanks for the translation i always look forward to Hakata Hyakkaten TV recap
    and after watch this program i have been interested in murashige somehow she is remind me about sae or it’s becaus she energeetic/loud? haha but sae much calm than murashige

  4. moofuq says:

    Mayu is such a mature girl when she’s not with mommy Yukirin or Rabutan 🙂

  5. is it possible to have the episode on streaming? Thanks for the translation though (mayuyu oshi)