Who is Chikano Rina?

The rise of unofficial subunits!

Core idol wota/plastic surgeon Takasu announced most sought-after celebrity faces, Paruru is atop the ranking!

Real-life Sexy Loli Mukaichi Mion stole the show at Tv-Tokyo Ongaku-Sai…! (probly NSFW)

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Yokoyama Yui is Team A’s New Captain! Members’ thoughts & pictures from Shinoda Mariko’s graduation at Fukuoka Yahoo Dome


Sunday, 21st of July 2013 marked the calendar as one of the saddest days in the 48 Group history as 1.5 generation member Shinoda Mariko officially had her Graduation Ceremony

AKB48 32nd Single: Koisuru Fortune Cookie… STAFF VERSION… WHAT?! (+ Tracklisting +Jacket Covers)


Official Video Fan Reactions: WTF IS THIS LOLOLOLOLOLOL What the heck are they doing lolololol Kitagawa (Kenji) looks hell weird! I want Yasusu to come out and do this too!

[WrapUp Post] New Handshake System, New Drama, and Summer Dome Tour Schedule


The AKB48 official website announced that there will be a trial period of a new handshake system, a sitting handshake system. In this system, instead of the usual standing position,

Togasaki Tomonobu presents Handshake Event report from Nagoya Dome


This weekends, again, AKB48 general manager Togasaki Tomonobu provided us an interesting report on Handshake event held at Nagoya Dome, Nagoya. . Is it only me that thinks these washing

Kobetsu Handshake Event Report presented by AKB48 General Manager Togasaki Tomonobu


AKB48 general manager, Togasaki Tomonobu, gave us an interesting on-site from AKB48 Kobetsu-Handshake Event for their 28th Single “UZA”‘s theater version. For more information on handshake event and AKB’s new release,

General manager Togasaki Tomonobu makes comment on Minegishi Minami’s apology video


. Takahashi Minami at movie premiere on February 1st: “Minegishi is demoted to Kenkyusei (Trainee) and she decided to start over her career in AKB48. The video of her apology was uploaded

Togasaki, the general manager of AKB48 shares his comment, looking back on 2013 Request Hour and confidence votes on managers


. Fans reactions: “Of course the most memorable perform was “Hashire Penguin”. You will never understand how shocking the disbandment of team 4 was to us, unless you’re the team

Wrap Up – Team K “RESET” Final Theater Performance – Oct 25 2012


1. Final Theater Performance of Team K “RESET” 1/5 2. Final Theater Performance of Team K “RESET” 2/5 3. Final Theater Performance of Team K “RESET” 3/5 4. Final Theater Performance of Team

Togasaki shared his thoughts on "Degrading" Theater Performance of AKB48


” Competitive principle lol Obviously even though she has poor performance skill, if she is a favorite of management, she will join important or commemorative performances, and it's unpopular members

AKB48 Oshima Yuko’s Heartwarming interaction with Tsunami Victim Kids


” Yuko is so cute… ” They’re putting their hearts into this event. And people living in the Tsunami hit area can have a fun time thanks to them. This

Togasaki and Saruobasan Interview ~ The past and future of AKB48


-First of all, let me ask how you’ve become involved in AKB48? Togasaki: “My name came up when people were talking that ‘Akimoto-sensei will start the new project, gathering many

Awful agitation on newspaper’s TV guide about Janken Tournament


Awful description about AKB48 Janken Tournament ” I can only sense malice from this description…. ” Porno Graffiti will hold a live performance in this program!? ” You know what?

Togasaki Tomonobu answered fans’ inquiries during the Handshake Event today.


“I remember that Yasusu (Akimoto Yasushi) said to Sae, “If you don’t have determination to risk your life, you shouldn’t go China”. But really? Should she risk her life for only six-month-long

Maeda Atsuko’s Graduation Performance at Akihabara AKB48 Theater


Many people are waiting in line to watch public viewing of Acchan’s graduation performance in AKB Shop & Cafe. On August 27th, AKB48 maeda Atsuko graduates AKB48. The sacred place

AKB48 Tokyo Dome Concert – day one [2/2]


as 1. Party ga Hajimaruyo by Maeda, Kojima, Minegishi, Takamina, Miichan, Itano, Shinoda 2. Dear My Friend by 1gen and 2gen members as  as as 3. Dokuringo o Tabesasete by

AKB TOKYO Dome Concert – day one [1/2]


Tokyo Dome on 9:00am, Aug 24 So many fans has already formed long lines to purchase AKB official goods like Oshi towels, glow sticks etc. (you can see the details

Haachan’s masterpiece: Yu…..Yu……Yukirin……orz (and 3other topics on TGSK, Kitarie, Yui and Tanamin)


Yu…..Yu……Yukirin……orz (by Maestro Katayama Haruka) “Yu….Yu….Yukirin, the painting drawn by Haachan, which had been a topic among Ota a little while ago is displayed at the arts club’s exhibition like this… “