Please give me picture of members being lovey-dovey with each other!!!

(Wrap Up) 14gen members Google Plus Update and one more about Oshima Ryoka!

Sashihara Rino says her heart aches reading Miyawaki Sakura’s 1st photobook ‘Sakura’

There’s an HKT48 Yamamoto Mao look alike girl in SNH48

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Mayuyu has declared that she’ll make her boobs bigger by drinking soy milk!!!!


“ She’s gradually maturing, but it’s just her breasts that stay the same. What have you been hooked on lately? Mayuyu: “It’s passed 2days since I started drinking soy milk”

SKE48’s Hata Sawako LEFT A HUGE IMPACT during her TV appearance in Shibuya Deep A


“The main show is coming~~~~!! “Push→●Rec “This is the time that we keep calm and just listen to her voice. “SKE’s most notable time Super Nishishi-timeSuper-Makiko-timeSuper-Sawako-time“ “Whoaaaaa!!!!“ErooooooOOOOOO!!!“Her grin is just

Majisuka Gakuen 3: Ep.2 “Nakama no Shirushi (The Sign of Camaraderie)”


Majisuka Gakuen 3 (マジすか学園3) EP01 “They’re also serious here as well” ~Thoughts and Impressions~ “My thoughts on this week: ・Peace (Yuria) acting like a devotee was unpleasant.・Overall, it was disagreeable.・Tetsuo

Episodes of AKB members that surprised you when you first heard about them.


“Kuramochi’s dad was a professional baseball player. “Sashihara-san is/was sexually aggressive. “The moment that I discovered that one of the members lives in my neighborhood (about 30m if you measure

You can see the personalities of SKE member from how much they open zip fastener (and another topic on Churi-san)


I LOL’d “  I don’t know why but somehow I LOL’d. (※This photo comes up without any context) “bodhisattva Takayanagi… “I have no idea where to start with…. “I love

Takamina: I can do nude if I get paid 400 million yen (TV show Gachi-Gase)


How much would it take for you to do Nude Gravure? “ ※From TV show Gachi—Gase Top idols who are at the height of her career are paid 100 million~

If there’s a closet lesbian inside the 48G, she would be in paradise on earth!


Because there are so many members in 48G, there must be a possibility, at least several members who are serial lesbians, I think? I heard someone has started a thread

Surprises We Want to See At the Tokyo Dome (TD) Concert


“Do you have any ideas?“Maeda Atsuko reverses her decision to graduate.“Yomiuri Giants (baseball team whose home stadium is Tokyo Dome) is playing a game as if they were unaware (of

[Video] Ohya Masana Starring Episode ”Tsuitekuru (It Possesses/Follows me)” ~ Gakko no Kaidan EP1


“Gakko no Kaidan (Shool Ghost Story) ep1▲This is official video on BeeTV’s youtube channel!! The original author of “Gakko no Kaidan”, Tsunemitsu Toru supervised original Drama.Each episode end completely in one story,

Please tell me the episodes where AKB members got truly mad


“I watched this video where Rena-san got really mad, and it made my heart so broken.So in order to calm myself down, I want to re-confirm that there are many

JKT’s Ace got serious about the game!!


“ ↑She looks  exactly  like Tanochan!! “ Seriously!?!? She can stack up to Iriyama Annin!!  “ Melody has had a stunning looks from the beginning! “ Please make her

Otona Yukirin♥ from Flash magazine (Adult beauty Yukirin) (and 3other topics on Shimada Bread, Sashiko, and Micha starring horror movie)


Otona Yukirin♥ from Flash magazine (Adult beauty Yukirin)   Shimada Haruka already sent her Gopan (bread making machine) to repair. Shimada HarukaI had sent my Gopan for repair. GOPAN修理に出してました。← When

So why people fall in love with Tomochin-san? (Updated)


“Let’s think about it~~~~♪ “Fuini (Suddenly) “ロマンス、イラネ (Romnce Irane) “You know what? Itano△ (いたのさんかっけー = Itano-san so cool) is the common language in the world. “Because she is cute. “She

Maeda Atsuko’s graduation commemoration photobook ”Acchan” will be released 3 days before her graduation!


“For real!? “Oh~ looks like it’ll sell well.It’s the end of an era. it’ll be a milestone for Acchan and the 48 groups.  “If she’s going nude like she proclaimed…

Shimada Haruka Trying to make Homemade Bread vol.0


This ado happened one week before Shimada’s name Uruse~yo in Majisuka3 has announcedRelated post: Shimada Haruka Trying to make Homemade Bread vol.1 “ Shimada Haruka 7/2 19:09UWAaaーー((((;゚Д゚)))))))!!!I ended up buying

Impression and Thoughts on Yokoyama Yui’s First Namesake TV show, “京都・美の音色 (Kyoto Bi no Neiro) (Kyoto Sound of Beauty)”


“It has started. 関西テレビ 京都・美の音色 “What in the world is this wonderful show! “Yuihan’s program…. This is so good….. She is trying to speak a lot and give it her

I beg you, please share 2shot photos of Acchan and members!!


“ How about sharing photos like these….? Please help each other…. “ “Rie-chan “Chikarina Myao “ “ “ “ “I just share photos that I have currently~Atsutomo “↑ Assan in