The rise of unofficial subunits!

Sensual Gravure Photography of AKB48 Members!

Ikuta Erika of Nogizaka46 strikingly resembles Horikita Maki

Team 8 Yokoyama Yui joins the list of the victims of Paruru The Doctor’s Salty Barbs

Archive for Oota Aika (多田愛佳) by AKB48WrapUp  •  Oota Aika (多田愛佳) 

Where Will They Create Next 48 Group?


“-Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka-Fukuoka-??“Sapporo“Sapporo, of course.“Tsu (Capital city of Mie prefectture, which is very rural)“Tsu, of course.“Hiroshima….. (trembling voice)“I have no intention to offend you but Hiroshima is really nice city~.I am actually

AkiP Mentioned Rino Sashihara on G+ – Sashiko To Join The Broadcasting For tonight’s ANN with AkiP and Acchan


AkiP on G+ 12:18PM June 15 This evening I will join ANN.Because all members are busy (for the filming of MV), Atsuko Maeda and I will host the show this time.But

Fans Impression of AX 2012 DVD and Wish for AX 2013

0 1 ヘビーローテーション Heavy Rotation 17694 2 Everyday、カチューシャ Everyday Cachucha 14152 3 孤独なランナー Kodoku na runner 13548 4 フライングゲット Flying Get 13352 5 チームB推し Team B Oshi 11389 6 愛しきナターシャ

AKB48 – General Election ‘Future Girls’ Speeches


(Note: I, Wingom, used first name then last name)This was originally from my blog (but this version is slightly newer)Source for images : GIRLS (64th to 49th) 64th – Mika Komori

Final Result of AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo


AKB48 announced the final result of AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo (AKB48 4th General Election) on 6th June at Nippon Budo-Kan. Winner of this election will be featured in AKB’s

Was the Biggest Surprise in AKB48 History Their Reformation(Sokaku)!?


“ Does everyone agree with this?? “ I think it’s Mai Oshima’s graduation….? Runner-up is gonna be Erena Ono’s graduation announcement. “How about Riko Yamaguchi (Rina Nakanishi)?“But wait….. Why don’t

Acchan Will Hold Solo Live Concerts in September


Detailed information for the application method of the bonus event for Atsuko Maeda‘s upcoming single Kimi ha Bokuda has been announced. The contents and application method for bonus event and items in

Funny, Crazy and Poetic Translation By Google Translate


We all know Google automatic Translation from Asian language to European language is useless. But when it’s applied to official profiles of AKB48 members, it reaches a whole new level.

Early result of AKB 4th Senbatsu Sousenkyo


Early result of AKB’s 27th single Senbatsu Sousenkyo has just announced on AKB’s official blog.Given the comparison of last year’s early result and it’s final result, about 10% of total

Mayuyu Doesn’t Want Fans To Vote For Her Because She Is So Scared Of Horror Movies


Watariroka Hashiritai7’s new single Shonen yo Uso o Tsuke! will be released on 30th May. Bonus visuals of this single is teasers of 7 horror films which star each of

Election Forecact By Playboy Magazine Japan


Syukan Playboy magazine aka “Gravure Magazine almost exclusively dedicated to AKB” published their own forecast for this upcoming election, which is a really serious attempt. 1. Yuko Oshima (2) 2.

Common Things For Newbie AKB Fans


Guinness record of over 300 members with repertoire of more than 600 songs, AKB is not a soft world to step in for newbie fans. Everyone had a funny mistakes

Election Interview: Aika Ohta and Rie Kitahara


Interview with Rie Kitahara and Aika Ohta, from paper issue of Nikkan Sport. She is not particular about ranking. “I haven’t set a particular goal, but… since I was at

Sales Figure of Nagiichi Shows A Huge Leap, (and 2 more stories about Special Girls and Miyu Takeuchi)


During the Revue at AKB theatre yesterday, MV of 3つの涙 /Mittsu no Namida was unveiled for the first time. According to the fans who were at the theatre yesterday, the MV features

Not Yet To Release It’s New Single Suika Baby on The Same Release Date of Watariroka Hashiritai7, 30th May


As it’s announced that Not Yet will release it’s new single on 30th May, it certainly is the worst month for Sashiko Ota financially. Have there ever been an artist

Karen Iwata’s Outstanding Presence In ‘Ariyoshi Kyowakoku’ (2 more stories about Haruyama’s Ads and Rena)


3 members of the 13th gen made their first appearances on the midnight TV show Ariyoshi Kyowakoku last night. Sho Aikawa, an actor whose classic Yankee roles in movies are

AkiP and AKB Members Pay Visit To Tearoom Tane, A Cafe Run By Miichan’s Parents


Yesterday AkiP and some members of AKB paid a visit to Tearoom Tane, a cafe Miichan’s parents own and operate in Takashimadaira, Tokyo. AKiP G+ “This is the cafe Miichan’s